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It’s not the Critic who Counts



If you are facing criticism that is undeserved. If what you are doing is for the greater good but includes a bit of trial and error. If things aren’t working out exactly the way you would like them to… KEEP GOING.

Life is filled with people who are not willing to do anything about a situation, but are willing to criticise those who do. You are not one of those! You are doing something to make the world a better place and that’s what counts. You are not someone who looks at a problem and has nothing to offer but criticism. You are the person that sees a problem and works towards solving it… KEEP GOING.

“Credit belongs to the person in the arena. The one whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood. Who strives valiantly. Who errs and comes short again and again because there cannot be effort without error. The credit belongs to the person who spends themselves in a worthy cause.”

Don’t give up. God has a plan for your life and it can never be wrong to do the right thing.

Have an awesome day!

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