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It’s good to be Alive!


This morning I don’t have too much to say. As I reflect on my life, I once again realise how blessed I am. At my age people are starting to consider retirement. I don’t have any money in the bank, I don’t own a property and I’m still paying off my car. But contrary to popular believe, these are not the things that make up a blessed life.

God’s grace is what makes my life awesome. The fact that He has given me life and that Jesus has made me right with God is more than I could ever deserve. That’s why it’s called grace. Everything else in life is an absolute bonus. My amazing wife and two amazing sons are because of God’s goodness. The privilege that I get to eat well every day is a blessing from God.

I really believe that God blesses us in order to bless others. The problem is that we so often look at the things we don’t have in life that we fail to see how blessed we really are. Instead of focusing on the hole in your shoe, be thankful that you have shoes. And if you don’t have shoes, be thankful that you have feet … When we start looking at our lives from a different perspective, a thankful heart will emerge that won’t only brighten up our world, but also the world of others.

Have an awesome day knowing you are blessed and blessing someone else.

2 thoughts on “It’s good to be Alive!

  1. Beautiful written, love your thoughts of blessings and indeed we all are blessed 🙂 Great post!

  2. Thanks so much for that. Another blessing.
    Have an awesome day.

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