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Getting up… Reaching down


The point of climbing any mountain, is to enjoy the amazing view from the top. I remember when Bev and I were just married, we went to live in Taiwan for a year. A Canadian guy, who worked with us, invited us to go on a hike with a group of people. The walk was amazing. We walked through a bamboo forest as we ascended the “mountain”. Our reward for all our effort was a rock. There was no view of the valley, just a photo on a rock to say that we did it.

Sometimes we go through tough times in our lives. The valleys become really deep and the mountains seem so high and out of reach. But as we climb, we see those eerie bamboo forests, sometimes neglecting their beauty because we only have eyes for the amazing view on top. The first point we need to acknowledge is that the journey is really important. We often fail to enjoy the journey God takes us on because we just want to get to the final destination.

When we find ourselves in that deep place in life, we have got 1 of 2 choices… become bitter because our lives seem to be terrible, or become better because we learn from everything we are going through. You see, the reason why we go through valleys in life is so that we will need to depend on God. It’s also so that God will use our difficult times, to speak into the lives of others that are experiencing the same circumstances we once did.

When we find ourselves on top of the mountain, we can either be so consumed with our achievement of reaching the top so that we don’t have time to reach down to others who still find themselves in the valley, or we can encourage and cheer those on who are struggling through tough times.

Be the encourager and have an awesome day!


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