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Thick skin…Loving heart


In yesterday’s paper there was an article about how many people around the world have become vegan and that we all are going to have to change the way we talk because of their sensitivity concerning meat. An old saying like “Bringing home the bacon” will no longer be acceptable to use. “Killing 2 birds with one stone” is also too offensive. Instead of using the term “Take the bull by the horns” it is suggested that we say “Take the flower by the thorns”.

Now I can understand that we shouldn’t say nasty things to offend anyone, but I also think that we are creating a society that is offended by the smallest thing. As Christians we have taken this to heart and have become too afraid to share the love of Jesus with others out of fear that they might be offended. And out of fear that we might be offended by their reaction.

Let me put it this way; if you know that something is going to cause someone a great deal of pain and you have the ability to help them, then I am sure you and I will step in and warn them. Why then are we willing to sit by idly, watching people die without knowing Him when we know that there is a heaven and a hell. Maybe it’s because we are too afraid that they might offend us by their response. Being a Christian means that people are going to say things to us and treat us badly. There’s no escaping that. But are we willing to love our neighbour so much that we can be offended by their reaction without hating them? Do we love Jesus enough to share His love, hope and grace in a world that needs Him more than they will ever know?

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