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Right Now!


To be recognised for our achievements means we need to come up with something unique. There are so many amazing ideas in the world that it seems as if every good one has already been taken. So we end up trying to copy what other people have done who have “made it” in life.

But what does it mean to “make it”? What is life all about? Is it all about a healthy bank balance or being famous. Jim Carrey says, “I think everybody should become rich and famous so that they can see that it’s not the answer.”┬áHere’s a newsflash – It’s not about having a million followers on social media or millions of views on YouTube.

There are two reasons why most of us don’t live our dreams and pursue our true purpose. Because it might mean that we never become famous in the eyes of the world, and it will probably take time before we will see the impact that our efforts have. The world is telling us that it’s all about our popularity while God is saying it’s about making Him known. Society teaches us that it’s about instant results while God is saying that it’s a process.

You and I are all He needs to make a difference in our community. Are we willing to do it His way?”

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