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Get out there!


Have you ever noticed that when you hang around positive, encouraging people, that it rubs off on you? But the opposite is also true.

The problem is that we are too easily swayed by the people we find around us. Very often it’s the company we keep that determines our state of mind. As Christians, the only One who should have such an influence on us is God. We should have our feet planted firmly on The Rock and not allow peer pressure to move our foundation.

Jesus was the perfect example of how to do this. He hung around with prostitutes, murderers, thieves and thugs yet His attitude and mindset never changed. He knew in who His identity was, and He never needed to change so that He could be accepted.

Paul said, “I become all things to all men” in order to connect and share The Good News with them. He knew that we haven’t been called to seclude ourselves from the world because we don’t want to be dragged into their way of doing things. He understood that we have all been called to share the love of Jesus with others and to love EVERYBODY. The only way to do this effectively and without being negatively affected by others is to be firmly grounded in our faith.

So when we understand that Jesus loves us and what He did for us on the cross, we will understand that He loves all others the same. When we understand that He loves and wants to have a relationship with every single person, we will begin to understand the call. Only then will we see that simply sitting in our church buildings won’t reach those outside who Jesus also died for. We need to go out into the world, firmly rooted in Jesus, sharing his love in a practical way because only when the world sees how much we care, will they know who Jesus is.

So get out there, live Jesus and have an awesome day!


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