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Radiating Him to others

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Watching programmes like Highway Patrol and RBT confirms my sentiment about modern-day education. Let me explain.

These are both Australian TV shows that involve police doing Random Breath Tests and stopping cars for traffic infringements. The way that, especially young people, disrespect the law and those who are meant to enforce it, is mind-boggling. The way that these police officers are treated is disgusting! Many young people today have a warped idea of their rights and they seem to believe that there are no responsibilities needed from their side.

This way of thinking doesn’t really surprise me when I look at the way education is going in many developed countries. We are treating children like adults when they still need (and long for) clear boundaries, structure and guidance. The habits that are formed during the teenage years are ones that often last a life-time. It is during this time that children need to respect authority figures. They need to understand that teachers, parents and police officers are not their friends. The thousands of children and young adults that I have taught over the past 20 years all knew that when they attended my classes. My students always had respect for me as their teacher, as I did for them. My responsibility was not to entertain them. It was to educate them in theory as well as in life. They were never afraid to come and talk to me when they had issues that they needed to deal with because they knew I cared.

When we really love people and care about them as individuals, we will do what’s best for them. And what’s best for young people is to teach them about being responsible, resilient and caring individuals. Good morals, values and respect are learnt by observing. Young people need to see this in adults and there seem to be far too few good role models around.

By far, the best thing we can do for young people today, is reflect Jesus. That doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they please and get away with it because Christianity is just about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a major part of it, but so is the process of sanctification. Jesus always showed compassion, but always told people, “Go sin no more.” There are consequences to our actions and we need to accept that. Why then are we not teaching this to our young people today? When we live out the love of Jesus in all its entirety, young people will start learning and start living it.

Jesus can use you and me to start changing the life of one person at a time, by reflecting Him, to them.

Have an excellent day as you radiate His love.

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