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Christ is enough


If you are anything like me, coffee is a necessity in your life. I wake up, make myself a double espresso to really wake me up, then have a double shot cappuccino on the train. On the odd occasion when I don’t have the time for my early morning fix, my day doesn’t seem to go too well.

Why is it so often that I think I can’t cope without starting my day with a coffee, yet I seem to think I can start my day, and go through the rest of my day, without a “Jesus fix”? We get so caught up in temporary solutions that we forget about the only eternal solution. There is a quote, “The only constant in life is change”. I beg to differ… “The only constant in life is Jesus!”

Sometimes we get despondent because we would like things to go a certain way and they completely run in the opposite direction, even though we asked God for “our outcome”. We slowly start drifting away from Him. We then take control and soon feel we don’t really need God that much. Eventually, He becomes a box that we tick when we fill in forms that ask us our religion.

We have a dog called Daisy. She has crept into all our hearts and we love her to bits. But her love and dependence on us is amazing. She knows where her food comes from. She knows where her love comes from. She knows that her very survival depends on us and she shows it without holding back. On the odd occasion she has slipped out the back gate and bolted. We end up walking around the neighbourhood, looking for her without any success. But every time, she comes home, because she knows we love her and want her with us. Maybe it’s time that our relationship with God becomes more like that.

Have an awesome day knowing that you are loved.

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