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Fake is the new reality


I recently went on a The Great Ocean Walk hike with Year 9 students for 3 days. Standing for a while, admiring an amazing view, I realised that this was reality.  “Well, that’s not really Rocket Science” you might say, but in the cyber world we are living in, it is!

We are more impressed by the creators of APPLE, GOOGLE and SAMSUNG, than we are about the creator of the universe. We spend more time and money on our “non-reality” devices than what we do on what is real. We invest more of ourselves in online conversations and relationships, than we do on “real-life” ones. We all want the latest device that has the best clarity and the most pixels to see the best picture, when we have real-life, maximum pixel and clarity images in nature. We don’t need created surround sound; we have the real thing. All we need to do is lift up our heads from our devices and go outside. It’s all free – a gift.

We would love to meet and work for the creators of the billion-dollar companies but reject time and a true relationship with the creator of a priceless universe.

So you see, stepping into reality and realising how amazing it is, is something very rarely done today and it is like discovering a whole new world that has always been there.

Have an amazing day in reality today.

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