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We can do “betterer”


We love to comfort ourselves by saying we are who we are and we should never change.

That we have been saved by grace and that when God looks at us He sees us as holy, is  true, but that’s the positional part of holiness. We are holy because of what Jesus has done for us! But if that’s all there is to it, then I can sit back and relax because everything is good.

When I married Bev, I immediately became her husband. I am not more her husband today than I was 18 years ago. Well, there is another aspect we need to consider and that is behavioural holiness. Let me explain it this way. Before I married Bev, I might have looked at other girls and flirted with them. Since the day I married her, my behaviour changed because I love her. I didn’t sit back and say , “Now that I’ve got her I can keep doing what I used to. My behaviour needs to reflect my position.

Our Christian life is a continuous process of sanctification and striving for holiness. I cannot say I love Jesus, but my actions say different. So let’s stand confident in our position of holiness in Christ, yet humble in our realisation that there is always more to work on in our behavioural holiness.

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