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Your perspective changes your view


The way we view ourselves will determine the way we act. If we see ourselves as weak and incapable, we will almost certainly act in doubt, and question ourselves and our efforts. When we are over-confident, we will do things arrogantly.

The only way we can view ourselves without going to one of these extremes, is to do it through God’s eyes. God sees us as the pinnacle of His creation. He wants to have a relationship with us. When I know that, I can begin to understand that I am important and that I do have great value. When I realise that I am a sinner and that I need Jesus’ saving grace, I begin to realise that there is no reason for me to boast in my own strength and ability.

By seeing myself through God’s lens, I will act in confidence and humility. You see, confidence doesn’t mean arrogance because I think I am better than anyone; it simply means I know that God is with me and that allows me to face my giants with just a sling and a stone. And humility doesn’t mean I am weak; it simply means I know that my strength comes from God and that I can boast in Him, alone.

So, stop looking at yourself through the lens that other people might see you through. Stop seeing yourself through your own lens. Ask God to give you new sight through His eyes and see how the things of this earth become strangely dim and how your doubt becomes confidence through faith in Him.

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