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Be the difference TODAY!

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The Israelites had enough to think about while they were wandering around for 40 years. Why? When? How? God wanted them to trust Him. That if He said that He was giving them the Promised Land, that no number of giant warriors could stop Him. The 40 years they spent wondering in the wilderness would probably have been less if they realised their lack of faith and started to trust God. He showed them miracles after miracle and provision after provision but there is none as blind as those who choose not to see.

God made it as easy as possible for them to see the light. His provision of manna was one such way. The human race love to hoard. We want to make as much money as we possibly can and we want to acquire as many material things as we can! And while we are so focused on doing this, we lose focus of what God wants for us. I believe that the “manna” saga in the lives of the Israelites is a direct lesson for us today.

They wanted to hoard enough manna to last for a while. It sounds a bit like us today. Yet God was trying to tell them that they needed to focus on what they needed for today – that He has got tomorrow sorted. When that message eventually sinks in, we begin to spend less time on living for tomorrow, and more time focusing on today. The needs of others become more visible while our selfishness begins to fade.

The more we step out onto the water, the further He walks with us, keeping us dry from the worries of tomorrow. I am not even surprised anymore when God comes through for me in “impossible situations”! It’s become part of “normal” for me. God has never failed me, and He won’t start now. I choose to trust Him for tomorrow’s manna, while I focus on what He has for me today.

Have an amazing day!



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