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More than this!


We don’t all get a specific calling to go to a specific place and minister to a specific group of people. Jonah got such a call – we don’t always. But that doesn’t mean there’s no plan for our lives. That doesn’t mean He has created us to do nothing.

Not even the disciples had a specific calling. Jesus told them to go into all the nations… There is a world out there. We need to broaden our horizons and realise that our little street, or neighbourhood, or town is not our only responsibility. It certainly is our first responsibility, but not our only one. He is calling us to bigger than that.

go and make disciples. The operative word is GO! We tend to think that a Sunday morning in a church building is enough. We hope that those who don’t know Jesus will come to us, to our church buildings, so they can see how Christians should operate. It’s not going to happen, and Jesus knew that – that’s why He told His disciples to go.

And once we go, we need to share Jesus. We need to show His love and tell The Good News. Making disciples not only means that we tell people about Him, it means that we show people about Him through our lives. To do this we need to spend some time with others. God is telling us to introduce Him in such a real way, that they can’t help but fall in love with Him, and then, in turn, they won’t be able to help but to share Him with others. It should be a snowball effect. If we call ourselves Christians, and our lives are not impacting those around us in a positive way, then we are failing in our calling.

It’s GO and MAKE. They are proactive words that require us to move. So let’s start moving today and SHAKE the world with His LOVE.


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