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The world needs your vision!


Vision has nothing to do with our eyes, but everything to do with our hearts. When we have a true passion for something, we are jolted into motion. That’s why people who feel strongly about something are always on the move. They realise that, in order for their passion to become more than just a dream, they need to act on it.

So often, those passions die because the visions become faded. And this happens because we see what’s happening around us. Looking around too much, can steal our vision. And when our vision fades, our passion dies. And when our passion dies, we stop living and start existing. I once heard someone say that when our dreams die, we do to.

When we do look around us, let’s see the beauty and praise the creator. When we see pain, let’s strive to alleviate it. When we see problems, let’s become part of the solution. When we see brokenness, let’s endeavour to fix it. There are so many things that need our passion and our attention in this world. So many reasons for us to start living and making a way for others to do the same.

The old saying, “Your eyes were bigger than your stomach” rings so true when we see a feast of great foods in front of us. Our eyes can become selfish and make us load up pour plates. In the same way “Our eyes can be bigger than our hearts.” When we focus on material things and things that can provide temporary pleasures, it will make us selfish and we fail to see the plight of the world, even if we “see” it. But when we choose to look with our hearts and to focus on others, everything changes.

So, today, let’s look with our hearts, and not allow our sight to blind the vision that God has for us. It will make the difference between counting down the days to the weekend, and seeing each second as an opportunity.

Have an awesome day!



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