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Actions always shout louder than voices!


We just had the Melbourne Cup, seeing thousands of people dressing up in ridiculously expensive outfits. There’s nothing wrong with that. If people work hard, they need to be able to spoil themselves and do whatever they want with their money. But is has become trendy to waste money on things that are completely over the top. From restaurants where you pay $2 173 per person, to a hotel room that costs $150 000 per night. How is it possible that a person can even contemplate this?

We love to think that we are a society that cares, but sometimes the extent of our caring is feeling sad when we hear about the atrocities happening in the world today. Sometimes we might even sponsor a child through Compassion or give a beggar $2. But here’s the question: What do you and I do when we are made aware of girls, as young as 9, sold as sex slaves; or children, as young as 4, working 14-hour days; or that enough children, to fill the MCG 600 times, can’t attend primary school?

We might think about it for a few minutes, feel sorry for them for another few, and then carry on with our lives, worrying about that new couch we want to buy or where we should go for dinner tonight. The more options we have, the more selfish we become. That’s why there is such a vast chasm between the needs and the wants in the world.

If we really cared, we would DO SOMETHING! If the struggle of others really concerned us, we would DO SOMETHING NOW!

And as Christians, if we really loved our neighbour (that includes everybody – not just those who can do something for us in return) we would make it our mission to share the love of Jesus with them. But we so often go about it in the wrong way. We love sharing the condemnation. We tell them about what is wrong with their lives instead of sharing His love. The world needs to know that Jesus came to forgive – not to condemn – if we will only accept Him.

So why don’t you and I become the ones who actually do something. Let’s make this world a better place by talking less and doing more. Together, in Jesus, we can change the world!


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