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Sacrifices are investments


A few months ago we met someone who had been living in a place for 20 years and absolutely hated it. Every day she wanted to move but she wasn’t willing to jeopardise losing her fantastic income, beautiful home and all the material benefits that came with that lifestyle. What if she moved to where she wanted to be, but lost her comfort zone?

This morning you might be reading this, having contemplated changes in your life, but you never could follow through because it seemed like too big of a sacrifice. Anything that’s ever had an impact, required sacrifice. Anyone who ever made a real difference, had to make sacrifices. The problem is that we are often willing to sacrifice people for things, instead of sacrificing things for better relationships.

A few years ago, a lady from the US went to Uganda as part of a practical for her degree. She was so impacted by the children who were on the streets and had nowhere to go, that she sacrificed her studies and her privileged life at home, for a life with very few material privileges but with an abundance of relationship building.

Another man who had worked all his life in the police force and FBI, was ready to retire in comfort, and enjoy the benefits of years of hard work. On a trip to India he saw how thousands of young girls were sold into sex slavery. He decided to sacrifice a life of luxury, for a life of heartache and poverty. Why would anyone do that? Well, because he has realised that sacrificing material things is nothing compared to the joy of making a difference in the lives of others.

The best thing we can do, is to sacrifice our comfort zones. It’s in these zones that we become selfish. And the longer we hang around there, the more difficult it becomes to break away. It’s a place where not much seems to happen for anyone except the person who is in it.

Tolstoy said, “Without knowing what I am and why I am here, life is impossible.” 

Jesus said, “Love the Lord, Your God, with all your heart and mind and soul; and love your neighbour as yourself.”

By doing this, we get to know who we are and why we are here. It’s the most amazing and liberating experience not to be chained to a comfort zone filled with things. People are so much more valuable, and playing a part in making their world a better place, is more satisfying than any material thing.

That comfort zone sacrifice you make today, will become an investment tomorrow; not only in someone else’s life, but also in yours!

Have an amazing day!

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