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Bounce Back!


We are living in a world where people are offended by the smallest things, where society teaches us no resilience, and where we have become obsessed with comfort.

I recently read how staff members from a certain school in the US were fired because they dressed up in Mexican costumes. Apparently it was being inconsiderate to the whole immigration aspect happening there at the moment. Kleenex has also offended people. One of their products is called Man-size Tissues. And that, is offensive to some people because it suggests to them that men are apparently bigger and more powerful than women.

We have been created with the ability to survive. We can bounce back when things don’t go our way. Yet we choose to be the victim and to stay down. It’s time to realise that things don’t always go the way we would like them to, and that’s something we just need to accept. Sometimes people will treat us badly, but we just need to bounce back. We need to stop being offended by insignificant things. There are 22 000 children dying every day from hunger, and we choose to complain about man-sized tissues. It is offensive that people focus on nonsense, when there are life-and-death things happening around us all the time.

Let’s get our priorities right, become resilient and bounce back to things that need real attention.


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