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Living your Faith

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The other day at school I had one of my colleagues ask me whether everything was in place for next year. You see I feel called to get involved with Christian education of children in countries where there is a desperate need for opportunities of education. I have decided to leave teaching in Australia and pursue this calling. We will still be based in Melbourne but spread the area of impact that I believe God is calling me to. Anyway, he was saying that I just needed to hand it over to God and trust Him with it, even though he struggled doing that complete hand-over and trust thing.

It surprises me that we, as the church, claim to believe that God is almighty, that He can do anything and that our faith is in Him. We defend God and His Word when people claim that the miracles never happened, and that God doesn’t exist. But when it comes to trusting Him in our own lives and for our future, we can’t.

How can we tell other people He is real if it doesn’t reflect in our lives?

How can we preach to others that God will provide yet we freak out when our bank balance is running low?

How can we tell others that God is in control and that He works all things together for our good when we fall into despair?

How come so many of us who claim to believe all these things, give up hope and feel hopeless because of what might be happening in our lives or because of the state of the world. How come Elijah could challenge 400 prophets of Baal, prove that God is real through an amazing miracle, and then sit in a heap, depressed, ready to die, because a woman wanted him dead?

It might be part of our old DNA to feel hopeless when we face mountains. It might be the way we approached obstacles before we knew God. But if we believe that God is who He says He is, that He can do what He says He can do, and that we are who He says we are, then our entire DNA changes. Our faith replaces hopelessness, despair and insecurity. Instead of seeing the state the world is in, we see the way that we can make it a better place by sharing His love. Instead of feeling that our lives are worthless, we see the cross and that Jesus died for our, “so called worthless lives”. We then begin to see how important we are to Him. Once we do that, we can never again feel worthless – only thankful.

I choose to put my faith and my future in His hands. I choose to stand on His promises for me. I choose to believe that, when I walk in His footsteps, no matter what the circumstances, He will be my strength. What do you choose today?


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