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A world in need of love!


How amazing it would be if our world was a place where nobody thought they were everybody, where nobody thought of themselves as a nobody and where everybody knew that they were a somebody.

God, Our Father, created everybody equal. We are all born naked and with nothing. And by the way, He loves every, single person the same, whether you believe in Him or not; whether you love Him or not; whether you live for Him or not. He might be more pleased with people who accept Him and love Him, but He doesn’t love us more. Why do you think He left the 99 obedient sheep to go find the naughty little wool ball who decided to do his own thing?

Now because we are all created the same and loved the same, why do we sometimes think ourselves superior or inferior to someone else? Jesus so often reprimanded those religious leaders who thought they were somebody more than everybody else. That is why Jesus has a heart for those who have been made to feel like a nobody. He wants them to know, beyond aa shadow of a doubt, that they are loved. That He died just as much for them as for any other “somebody” out there.

As the church, we have been failing miserably in this. We should be the ones who love the world in such a way that everybody knows they are a somebody in Christ. And yet, we so often create our own little clubs that exclude others. There are millions of people in the world today who don’t even think of themselves as worthy enough to be called humans. They live on rubbish dumps, eat from bins and sleep on the streets. They are exploited by so many who think they are superior.

So here’s the challenge! How about making it your mission today, and every day, to keep an eye out for those who feel inferior. And when we find them, tell them about that they are loved and important.

Have an awesome day by making the day of others awesome.


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