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Should I care?


When people tell you, “Don’t worry what anyone thinks about you. It’s your life, do whatever makes you happy!” … then seriously consider what they are saying before you blindly follow their advice.

On the one hand the above statement is true. When people are standing in your way and making you feel inadequate in your attempt to make a difference in the world, then, don’t listen to them. Because if you do, it will stop you from ever stepping out in faith and becoming who God created you to be. You need to surround yourself with those who see your potential, know your heart and egg you on.

On the other hand, we cannot go through life, doing whatever we please at all costs. As Christians, we must care what others see in us and what others think of us. This doesn’t mean we need to apologise for our faith. What it does mean is that our lives need to reflect Jesus in all we say and all we do. We might be the only opportunity people have to see Jesus. So, if we walk away from the beggar on the street, not caring what he thinks about our indifference – that is unacceptable. If we don’t reach out to the person who clearly needs a hand because we don’t feel like it – that is unacceptable.

So, when what other people think, stop us from doing and being what we know God has called us to do and to be, we need to do it anyway. But when we want to do things that might cause others to stumble, then we must consider how our actions will affect them and how it would make them feel.

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