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The more faith… the less doubt!


The things that seem to concern us the most in life are finances, our future and keeping up with the Jones’s. We worry about what others think of us. We spend hours doubting the life we have chosen and the choices we have made. We go through those mid-life crises and wonder how different our lives could have been if we made different decisions. Those we were at school with, are sitting pretty while we seem to be struggling to make ends meet.

I know that at least one of these things ring true to you. But here’s the thing… it’s never too late to do something about it. If you keep on doing the same things in the same way, don’t ever expect a different result. For things to change; things need to change!

But before you contemplate on changing what you are doing so that you can make more money or be accepted by society, consider this. People who are approaching the winter of their lives never wish that they spent more time at work, don’t wonder why they never spent more time impressing those around them and certainly don’t wish they took more time out to sit on Facebook.

The number one question they ask themselves is this: “Why didn’t I make a bigger impact in the lives of others?” In fact, you and I were created to worship God and the best way we can do that is share His love with the world. We cannot live our lives for ourselves – we need to give it away. Jesus’ love was His life, and He gave it away.

So, by all means, go ahead and make some changes in your life. But make the right changes, so that you don’t sit back one day and regret the chances you never took because you were “playing it safe”. Playing it safe simply means you are doubting God. Reignite that flame you once had to impact the lives of others before doubt got in the way. Fan that flame you have, to help people around you. That flicker of light that is slowly dying because you have been too busy building a worldly “kingdom” that you can never take with you.

That confirmation you were looking for… this is it. That sign you wanted … THIS IS IT. Go and do what you’ve always been afraid to do because of doubt and fear. Living a life that uplifts others can never be wrong. Go and do it and never again doubt God!


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