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Do the right thing!


I travel on V-Line trains around Melbourne every day. It is quite possible not to pay for your trip, but if you get caught, the fine is around $250. Needless to say, most people make sure that their MYKI cards are topped up. The CDC buses and trams however, are a different story. Every day most people getting onto buses that I catch, never tap their cards to pay, even though there is a recording that plays every time someone gets on board, to tap on their cards. There doesn’t seem to be a consequence for not paying for bus trips.

A leader is someone who does the right thing, even when everybody else doesn’t. A Christian is someone who should do the right thing, even if there aren’t any consequences. Sometimes, doing the right thing will cost us. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s popularity and sometimes it even costs us friendships. But having integrity and being respected is of far more value.

When things change gradually, we hardly seem to notice. Satan’s plan is to slowly, without us even noticing, compromise what we stand for. But let the devil know, “Not Today” and “Not ever”.

Today, when I walk past someone who is down and out, instead of being indifferent, I will choose to stop and listen. Today, when I know God is calling me to show His love to someone, I will be His hands and feet. Today, when I start to doubt my calling and purpose, I will choose to listen to God rather than fear and doubt. It is easy to doubt what God is calling you to do because it will always require faith. It will always be something that we can’t do in our own strength. When we sit and think about it, it could even seem impossible. That sounds about right, because if it was plain and simple, we would be able to do it in our own strength and He wouldn’t get the glory.

So, trust Him, take one step at a time and enjoy the journey. Because, you see, it’s not only about the destination. God is teaching us valuable lessons all along the way.

Have an amazing day as you don’t compromise, procrastinate or doubt your calling.


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