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The whole Truth


In Grace and Truth is a phrase we often come across, especially in the Bible. But even if you weren’t a Christian, it still makes a lot of sense. To live by these 2 words could never be a bad thing. Grace is something that we want other people to show us, right. It would be such a different world if, when we messed up, people wouldn’t freak out, but show forgiveness and not give us what we probably deserve. Because, ultimately, and eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

But Grace removed from Truth will only lead to chaos. The truth is that there are consequences to our actions – good or bad. Newton discovered a long time ago, that this concept even applies in nature. His way of saying it was that “Every action has an equal reaction” or something like that. If we think for a moment that we can depend on grace for our actions but forget about the consequences, we are sadly mistaken. No wonder the world looks the way it does. So many people  want to do as they please – without the consequences part.

The truth is that sin has consequences. The truth is that these consequences are very severe. But, the flip side of that is also true. Reaching out and making a difference in the lives of others also has consequences – good ones.

The best thing we can ever do for ourselves, and others, is to share the ultimate truth, that takes away the eternal consequences of our sins. And that truth is Jesus Christ. The consequence to your and my sins is eternity without Him. The consequence of Jesus’ death and resurrection is eternal life if we choose to accept this amazing gift that He offers us. This doesn’t mean that we can then do as we please, knowing that we are forgiven. If we take Jesus’ sacrifice for us seriously, we will understand what it cost Him to buy our freedom. And when we take that seriously, we will go and share that amazing love He shows for every single person in this world. We will share it by showing His grace to those who don’t deserve it and showing His love to the “unloveable”. Isn’t that, ultimately, what He did for you and me?

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