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Become “Alive”


Bev, John , James and I watched “Everest” last night and all of us seemed to get something different out of it. Although it was sad and 8 people lost their lives after reaching the summit of this amazing peak in The Himalayas, I was encouraged by the movie.

All the characters came from very different backgrounds. There was an expedition guide who’s wife was expecting their first baby; there was a postman; there was a doctor; there was a lady who climbed the highest mountain on each of the other 6 continents; and a few more. But they had one thing in common… they loved climbing. They knew that there were risks involved but that couldn’t stop them from following their passion all around the world. It made them feel alive. The irony is that something that made them feel alive, eventually cost them their lives. Their lives were clearly saying…

I would rather die doing something that makes me feel alive and gives me a sense of purpose, than live a safe, monotonous life, feeling as if I were dead!

Peter had a passion to follow Jesus. He loved Him and wanted to be there beside Him every step of the way. But when the time came to step up and stand up, he went back to what was safe by denying that he knew Jesus. He eventually got it and shared the Good News even if it meant jail and led to his eventual death.

David would rather take on a giant and feel alive, than sit in the crowd of the Israelite army, feeling safe but embarrassed. David knew what it meant to feel alive when he was facing a giant… and almost certain death.

What about you? Are you just going through the motions, feeling dead inside? There is a passion in all of us and until we follow that call, we will never know what it feels like to truly be alive. And may I add, that knowing God, and knowing that He is on my side, makes all the difference. It gives me the confidence to put my faith into action and to trust Him with everything. When I know that my foundation is on ‘My Rock”, no storm can scare me.

They say that we make around 35 000 decisions every day. One of the most important decisions you need to make is whether you want to live a life of purpose and faith, or whether you want to remain in the boat. It might stop you from drowning, but it will never test your faith. And in testing your faith, lies the true excitement of living.

Have an amazing day and weekend!


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