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Talk yourself into it!


Something I’ve never regretted was learning how to talk myself into something. So often we have good intentions, but they never come to fruition because we listen to what the majority has to say. Here’s something to ponder on…

If Noah listened to the majority, he would have drowned in the flood and we would probably not be here today.

If David listened to the majority, he would never have stood up to Goliath.

If Peter listened to the majority, he would have never walked on water.

If Saul listened to the majority, he would never have become Paul.

If Jesus listened to the majority, He would never have been crucified and we would still be slaves to sin.

It’s become clear to me that when I choose to listen to what God is calling me to, and I don’t get distracted by what society is saying, God always comes through and there is always a blessing. You see, it’s about being obedient rather than looking for approval. If you want worldly approval, do what the world tells you.

To talk yourself into it takes self-discipline, sacrificing society’s approval, practice and a lot of faith. When Moses sent 12 spies into Canaan to investigate they came back with different versions of the same mission. Ten of them talked themselves out of it. To them, the giant people was all they saw, in spite of the fact that God already said that the land was theirs. But Caleb and Joshua, who saw the same giants, talked themselves into it because they chose to focus on what God told them.

I am at a point in my life now where I know that God is calling me to something specific. It doesn’t particularly make sense and it seems a bit impossible, but that’s not going to stop me from talking myself into it. I choose to pursue it because the opinion of others doesn’t matter as much as the calling of God does.

I challenge you today to do the same. Talk yourself into your calling and purpose. The world is filled with poverty and hurt and destruction because so many people are talking themselves out of their calling. Following your purpose will require sacrifice and discipline, but knowing your purpose and choosing to live it, far outweighs the loss of comfort or the critics sitting on the sidelines not willing to take the chances but very willing to criticize those who do.

Have an awesome day as you talk yourself into a fulfilling life of purpose.


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