Thoughts on personal strength, weakness, poor-choices, and healing

An awesome message I just had to reblog.

John Eli

I can’t believe how much food I was able to fit into my body that day. My suegra (mother-in-law), my wife’s tia (aunt), and primos (cousins) had traveled across the state line to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with us in Arizona. One thing that I can always count on, when my suegra visits, is homegirl is going to “get-down” in the kitchen. That lady can cook like there is no tomorrow. And I…. let’s just say that I am 100% fine with that. However, the day after, I can literally hear my arteries crying, as they continue to process all the refined grease (manteca) and spices that we, Mexicans, like to indulge in.

The day after the Thanksgiving feast, started with feelings of remorse and guilt. Up until our family’s arrival, I had been maintaining a steady health regiment. I had consistently been watching my diet and exercising for several months…

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