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It’s never too late…


If you’ve been knocked down by life’s challenges, this is for you!

You might be lying on the canvas right now, waiting for the countdown – ready to give up! Please DON’T! You were born to win and the canvas is no place for a champion. There’s no shame in being knocked down and there’s no need to stay down. You have been created for a purpose. That pulse you feel and that heartbeat you hear is a miracle. You are a miracle, created by a God who loves you.

You are the highlight of His creation. If you feel hated because of how people have treated you – know 1 thing… He loves you more than you can ever realise. If you feel hopeless because things you have tried haven’t worked out – know 1 thing… He is your hope. If you feel invisible because nobody seems to notice your efforts – know 1 thing… you are the focus of His attention.

My life used to be empty. I tried to fill it with promiscuity, alcohol, money, status and anything that I thought would give it meaning. And when nothing helped, I was on the brink of ending it all. That’s when a Saviour that I acknowledged years before, and spent years running from, saved me once again. Jesus is the reason why I am still around today. He’s the reason I have purpose, hope and an amazing future. When Jesus stood in front of the crowd before His crucifixion, they chose to set Barabbas free. A murderer and arrogant criminal. And they chose to crucify Jesus. But here’s the thing; they didn’t so much choose Barabbas. Jesus chose to die.

Here’s what’s important to understand… Jesus had the authority and the power to walk away without a hand be laid on Him, but He chose to die in the place of Barabbas – the one who deserved it. You and I are Barabbas. We have messed up and done wrong yet Jesus says – I will die in your place because I love you more than you can ever imagine. I have paid for your freedom through my death and I am offering you hope, peace and love if you are willing to accept it.

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