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He is Real


How crazy is it that the people who criticize God the most, don’t believe in Him. How can you complain about something that, according to you, doesn’t exist?

I believe, that deep down, everybody knows that God exists and that He is the Creator. The problem is that we want Him to “jump” when we need Him and when He doesn’t make things happen the way we would like them to be, we criticize Him and question His existence. But here’s the thing; God wasn’t “put” here for our convenience. Because He doesn’t give us what we always want and because He doesn’t approve of everything we do, we feel He is unfair and we want nothing to do with Him.

If God was so “non-existent, then why can’t you seem to watch a movie today without “Oh my God” or “Jesus Christ” being mentioned tirelessly? If God is so “not-real” then why is He mentioned in so many songs – “Oh my God”, “God is my objection” and “God is a woman”?

The fact is that every single one of us knows, deep down, that God is real and that there is no denying His existence. He wasn’t “created” for us, we were created by and for Him. Whether you acknowledge His existence or not, whether you approve of Him or not, He is real and He created you to have a relationship with HIM. He loves you even if you hate Him.

Just wanted you all to know that! Have an awesome day!

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