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Nowhere else to turn!


We look for answers in bottles, relationships and technology. There are so many questions that don’t seem to have any answers. We frantically run around trying to find a quick solution to our problems because we hate to feel uncomfortable. We live in a world that tries to cut out any form of discomfort, hurt, reprimand or challenges. Things have to be easy and immediate. As long as something makes me feel good, I’m going to do it because it’s all about me.

That’s exactly why we never seem to feel peaceful and content. We are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Places that tell us not to change a bit because we are beautiful just as we are. Places that tell us to do whatever we feel like doing, because that’s what makes us unique. Places that tell us we will find contentment in material things and status. The crazy thing is that we are so busy running around looking for answers, when all we need to do is stand still, quieten our minds, close our mouths, and open our hearts to what God wants to say.

Every time we go looking for answers, we move away from God. The more we look, the further away we move! If I took my 5 iron and asked it how it is able to get so much spin on the ball when I hit it, I would probably be institutionalized. The obvious thing would be to go to the people who manufactured the clubs and find the answer from them. Why then do we think it is normal to try and find the answer to our questions from created beings, instead of from the Creator himself? He knows your struggles, He knows your pain and He knows your questions. In the same way that I love it when my boys talk to me about things that are bothering them, God longs for is for you and I to sit with Him and share our hearts.

Just maybe, we are going through the present trials and difficulties, because it’s the only way that God can get our attention. When things are always going well, we don’t seem to need Him. But when everything we try, fails, we tend to go to Him as a last resort. Maybe that trial you are going through is a blessing in disguise. What if our blessings come through tears, sleepless nights and trials. What if we are going through these things because they make us realise that God is near, that He loves us and that He wants to have a personal relationship with us. Worship God in difficult times because those are the times in which we grow and get to know the strength we have in our ROCK!



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