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Being the Difference!


One of my favourite verses in the bible is Romans 4: 25…

“He was delivered over to death for our sins…” Doesn’t that just blow you away? The fact that Jesus, who was without sin and who was the only person to ever walk this earth that didn’t deserve to die, did. He could have prevented it but He chose not to. And that, all because of His love for you and me. He loved us while we were still sinners. Way before we even acknowledged what He had done for us.

The God who created the universe, loves me? Let’s put this into perspective. The sun is 151,76 million km away from the earth. That’s pretty far but that’s still nothing in the bigger scheme of things. We are on a blue planet, spinning at a speed of 1600km/h and flying around the sun at a speed of 107 000km/h. We don’t go flying off this ball called earth, and it never deviates from its course. Our little solar system We are in a galaxy called the Milky Way, which is approximately 100 000 light years in diameter. And there is estimated to be 100 000 000 000 galaxies in the universe. Here you and I are. Tiny little specks in a humongous universe, and the God who created all of this, loves us so much that He sends His sinless Son to die on the cross for us. This is just mind blowing. And even if you don’t love Him or even believe in Him, He still loves you and through His death, has made a way for you to come to the Father,

“…and He was raised to life for our justification.” That same Jesus who, by His own choice, died for you and me, was also raised to life. And when we acknowledge Him as our Saviour (which He certainly is) we are given a new life of freedom , peace and hope in Him that surpasses all understanding. He wipes away everything we have ever done, no matter what it was, and gives us a new life. “Why would He want to do that?” you might ask. Love! He loves you! And we need to show the world that love instead of showing the world what we don’t stand for. It’s time to be God’s hands and feet in a broken world. In a world that needs  to know that there is hope, and not condemnation, in Christ.

Let’s spread that love and show the world that Jesus didn’t come to condemn us. He came to love us.




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