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Why not bring encouragement to those who lack self-worth and confidence. Those who might have confidence but don’t need to prove it by being loud. They are told by society that it is necessary to be outspoken to fit in. Those who’s confidence might be dwindling because of such peer pressure. Those who go unnoticed because they aren’t loud, grabbing all the attention. Those who quietly get along with what they are asked to do without being disruptive or being a clown. This can be in school environments, sport clubs, friendship groups and even church.

In teaching today, most of the attention goes to dealing with those who are loud and don’t show respect or pay attention, and those who are struggling academically. When those students eventually do the right thing, we make sure to reward them because affirmation is good and it might inspire them to try harder. But what about those who neither struggle nor disrupt. They mostly do the right thing but very seldom get rewarded for it. They are lost in the system. The ones who are doing the right thing but don’t make a big deal out of it, are very seldom recognised. Those quiet personalities who often feel that there is something wrong with them because they aren’t loud.

Society seems to make us believe that only handsome, beautiful, cool, sporty, outgoing rich people have a place in this world. I say no! Who decides what constitutes these things? Who says that these are the things that are necessary in life to make an impact? Many people are famous but don’t make any impact. They don’t change the world by making it a better place. They don’t make sacrifices to make a difference in the lives of others. Some of the rich and famous that so many people idolize, haven’t worked a day in their lives, they haven’t done anything for anyone and yet society puts them on a pedestal. I say no. I say let’s rather encourage those who quietly get on with what they need to do without having an exaggerated image of themselves. They need to know that not being loud is okay. That there is nothing wrong with being an introvert.

WhynotImpact is not about trying to change who they are, but rather making them realise that they are important and awesome. That they can be confident without being loud. That they can look in the mirror and see someone with limitless potential. That they are awesome and need to believe it. Not because I say so – but because God does. These are the people, who, once they start to believe in themselves, will change the world and while doing so will always have their feet on the ground – never becoming arrogant.

Won’t you join me in this quest to encourage those who need it the most? Have an awesome day!

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