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Keep going!


When we’re sitting on the sidelines of life, not willing to be part of the game… part of the solution, and we criticise everyone else on the field, we are in a dangerous place.

Yesterday I was asked to be linesman for an under 16 soccer match that my son was playing in. Now I know that for some it would be a great opportunity to make calls that would benefit a team, but most people would be honest and do the right thing. I am ne of those people. I also admit that I am not the best, and most qualified soccer official in the world, but I do have a good idea of what needs to be done as I played soccer for more than 15 years myself.

There were 2 guys on the sidelines that questioned every single (which was only 3) offside call I made. And when I didn’t make one, that was criticised as well. You just can’t seem to win. Some of you might be feeling that everyone is questioning what you are doing and what you are standing up for! That is probably leading to self doubt! Here’s something you need to know: If you are following your heart and doing what you believe is right – what you have been called to, then don’t listen to all those who aren’t even willing to step out of the boat. If you are going to stop for every barking dog, you’re never going to get anywhere. When you fail and people tell you, “I told you so” don’t stop there. Keep going. It’s better to have tried and failed, than to have sat on the sidelines. doing nothing, and criticise those who are trying.

Never doubt your calling. If you know why you here on earth and you pursue it, people shouldn’t get you off task. You are answerable only to God.

Have an awesome day doing what you have been called to.



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