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How did we get here?


Won’t say where and won’t mention against who, but we went to watch John play in a soccer match yesterday and was appalled at what we saw and heard.

The language and attitude of some of the boys in the opposing team was unbelievable. The ref was sworn at by players and some of the parents on the sidelines even chipped in, threatening to knock the ref out. I absolutely loved the response from the referee. He told the parents to leave and made them aware that their language and actions, was the reason for their boys reacting the way they did.

That’s the world we live in today. There are so many role models, but so few positive ones! The “F” word and the use of God’s name in conversation have become “cool”. We took our boys to watch a Super 15 rugby match a while ago and had to endure an earful of F#*k and OMG for an entire 80 minutes. There was a young guy talking to his girlfriend making the words “and”, “the” and “a” not the most used words in the English language. The words he used won hands-down.

So what’s going on? How have things changed so much in the past 10-15 years? How come you switch on a movie and all you seem to hear are swear words and sex scenes? Why do people find it necessary to say “Jesus Christ” when they don’t even know anything about Him? Why even say “Goddammit” when they have no time for God? And while I’m on the subject, why does the world love to blame God when bad things happen but refuse to acknowledge His existence in their lives. When tragedies happen, we’re willing to blame Him, but we refuse to let Him into our schools, our hospitals, and dare I say it, into our churches. The next time you feel the need to use a name when you’re angry, how about using your own, instead of my Saviour’s!

But back to the issue at hand. The reason for the lack of morality in modern day society is simple; there are no more boundaries set in place. Everything goes! Whatever you want to do, do it, as long as it makes you happy. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do! Be yourself and if yourself is a nasty piece of work, then be it anyway. That’s who you are, and you can’t deny who you are! And that, my friends, is our world in a nutshell!

I say RUBBISH! A world without boundaries will lead to chaos. A world without values will lead to immorality. A world without discipline will lead to … well, it is what we see today! I grew up respecting other people and addressing people politely. I grew up knowing that there were boundaries and it made me feel safe. I grew up never using the F word or using God’s name in vain. And guess what? I could get a point across without it and I’m still here! I didn’t need to swear to be cool and make other people like me.

We are all sinful people. If we were simply left to follow whatever we felt like doing, we would simply be “animals”. Animals eat and drink whatever they like. They sleep when they want to and pee when they need to and even have a c- – – wherever they want. They don’t even mind mating in front of an audience. Hang on! It doesn’t seem too different from where society is going. We are simply becoming animals that follow our own desires whenever they occur.

If you feel anything like I do, you will feel out of place in the “out-of-sync” world. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s awesome. It means you have principles. It means you realise that you are not the only person in the world and that you care about your “neighbour”. I say “Good on you” as we say in Aussie. And “Lekker” as we say in South Africa. Don’t ever stop doing the right thing. Don’t ever stop standing up for what is right. Don’t ever stop speaking up even though society might snub you. The world isn’t completely in chaos because of people like you who refuse to give in to immorality and the lie of “Do whatever you like!”

Keep fighting the good fight and being that positive role model that the world so desperately needs. Let the world follow you, as you follow Christ!

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