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Shake the World!


Comparison means questioning God’s creation. We are the pinnacle of everything He created and the object of His love. He always has, and He will always know what He is doing.

We are living on a blue planet that is flying through space at a speed of 30km every second. While moving at this speed around the sun, it’s also spinning at a speed of 460m per second. With all this happening, nobody is flying off the surface of this ball we call home or feeling the slightest bit car sick.

You and I were created to be different from the next person. You have been modelled by God to fulfil a purpose that only you were created to fulfil. Why do we then find it so necessary to compare ourselves to others? Why do we think that we need to outdo and outshine the next person? Especially on social media. Looking at other people’s “awesome” lives on Facebook and Instagram makes us feel inadequate! Why? Do we find our self-worth in show-casing our highlight moments on social media because we don’t want to be outdone by somebody else? When we get ample likes to our posts, does it give us a feeling of importance?

Here’s the thing! You are special without getting hundreds of likes on Facebook. You are unique without having millions of followers on Twitter. You are the pinnacle of God’s creation, and the object of His love, without having to prove yourself to Him. He loves you anyway! He created you different, not because He wanted you to be like somebody else, but because He wanted you to be an original.

A copy of the Mona Lisa might look exactly the same as the original, but its value is next to nothing. In the same way, we can never reach our full potential when we are not being our original self.

So be yourself, be different and be awesome! You were meant to stand out – Stop trying to be like everybody else. Glorify Him by becoming everything He created you to be. Go and shake the world but do it gently!


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