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Chase your purpose


Sometimes there’s a difference in what we are doing now and what we are passionate about. We feel as if our purpose is going unfulfilled because we are not in the immediate position to pursue it. Here’s the thing… life happens, and we don’t really have a choice but to pay the bills and to make sure we don’t starve and so often, our desires and dreams and purpose are often things that require money and don’t generate it.

Our world is one of materialism and even if money doesn’t rule your world, it certainly rules the world. Because they haven’t yet found another inhabitable planet, we don’t have a choice but to live on earth and be affected by it’s way of doing things.

So, here we are, on earth, with a burning passion to make a difference and to see change, but we are slogging away in our jobs. Too tired to do anything when we get home. Really wanting to, but just can’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself but also be careful of not allowing your dreams and passion to disappear. If you want it, you have to make some sacrifices and work for it. But while you are working towards it, you also need to do what you are doing at this moment in time, to prepare the way for what’s to come.

I am currently teaching and enjoy it, but my calling is to be in outreach ministry and that’s what I am working towards. But for now, I need to provide for my family and pay the bills and make enough money to start the coffee – outreach ministry that God has laid on my heart. It’s a time when God teaches us patience, but also a time during which Satan will try to convince you that you need to stay where you are and not pursue your calling. Practise patience, but also don’t accept procrastination. Follow your passion as soon as you can because that’s what gives your life meaning.


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