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In a fast-paced world, everything must happen now. When we wait longer than 5 minutes for our fast food, we complain. When we are stuck in a traffic jam, we complain. When we don’t get what we want… now… we compromise and choose something else. Patience has disappeared off the radar.

In the past, patience and hard work were expected. Today these principles need to be “retaught”.  The thing about working towards a goal is that it prepares you, it makes you appreciate your eventual achievement, and it keeps you grounded. Years ago when I wanted to study at university, there just wasn’t the available finances to make it possible. I ended up studying for a year and working for a year. After 6 years, I completed my degree and I don’t think there was anyone at graduation that could have been prouder. Today, 25 years and another degree later, I still realise the benefit of hard work and patience.

When you really want something and you set it as a goal, don’t give up just because everything doesn’t fall into place on the way. Grit your teeth, roll up your sleeves and work as hard as you need to, to turn your dreams into a reality. If you want to be a leader in your field of interest, you need to be working when everyone else is going to bed. And you need to be up, when everyone else is pressing the snooze button.

What you are willing to sacrifice in order to make your dreams a reality, is determined by how bad you want it. Passion leads to purpose. Pursue your passion and and live your purpose!




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