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What really counts!


Someone once said that the 2 greatest days in any person’s life is the day they are born and the day they find out why! Those are certainly 2 very important days, but I would like to suggest that the most important day in your life is when you actually start doing what you were born to do.

God created every single person on the face of this earth differently and He did that for a reason. You are who you are for a reason. There is no other person amongst the 8 billion people alive, quite like you. Nobody with your exact gifts and potential. You are essential and an integral part of His creation. People might have humiliated you so often that you have started to believe that you are worthless and that you don’t matter. I might not know you and I might not know what your circumstances are but I know you are precious and very, very important. I know that because My Father says so. And even if you don’t know My Father, He knows you and He loves you in spite of what you might or might not believe. You have something to offer that the world needs. You have something to share that can change and save the life of someone.

You see, only when we stop trying to find approval from the world and we realise that God says “I can”, only then will we really be bold enough to attempt crazy things that will change the world and make it a better place. Only when we start experiencing the same compassion and love that Jesus has for us, will we start to realise that the thing that brings true meaning to our lives is reaching out to others. Imagine if Jesus decided to not do anything about the compassion and love He has for us. If He just remained seated at God’s right hand and spoke about how He cared for us. Everything would have been different. Jesus showed His love and compassion for us by acting on it. Love and compassion aren’t really feelings at all, they are actions.

So this is the thing. In Jesus you find your identity and you no longer need to look for acceptance in other people. And when you know who you are in the eyes of the One who created everything, you will live out His love and compassion for those who He loves and He cares about. And that’s EVERYBODY! Let today be the day that you reach out to someone and show love and compassion. That’s what we were created to do.

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