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Don’t prepare for half the victory!


We continuously reach points in our lives where things can go one of 2 ways.

If we choose to listen to that lying chatterbox in our heads, we are defeated. He keeps telling me that I’m getting old and I haven’t achieved much in my life. He tells me that I haven’t created an environment for my family where they have stability in the form of a family home and fees to pay for studies. He tells me that I don’t have a career to talk about. I’m not really an expert in anything, but only know a little bit about a few things. What is he saying to you that is making you feel insignificant and unimportant?

Now there might be times when you and I have messed up and we probably could have done things differently, but that never makes us insignificant, unimportant and “not good enough”. “How do I know that?” you might be asking. I know it because my “DAD” says so. There is no place you have ever been or no place you can ever go, that is out of the reach of God’s grace. There is nothing you can ever do that is bad enough for God to turn His back on you.

So if we choose to listen to TRUTH, then we know that we are never defeated. No matter what the world says, I choose to listen to what God says about me! That makes all the difference. He wants us to learn as we travel life’s journey. Because, as we learn, we are being prepared for the destination. If we persevere and allow ourselves to grow along the journey, we are getting ready for a real life.

I couldn’t be more excited about my life! Not because it’s perfect, but because the One who I choose to listen to, is perfect and He is the Way that I choose to follow. As we travel with Him in life, He is preparing us for everything we were born for. Nothing that you and I have been through has been a waste of time. It was the preparation for a time such as this. A time when He wants to use us to make Him known. So stop running form what you were created to do. Because until you live out your purpose, you will never stop running and you will never be content!

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