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When Jesus died He said: “It is finished!” That meant 2 things.

It meant that it was the END. The end to sin having control over us. The end to living a life as a victim. The end to needing to feel alone and abandoned. By dying on the cross for every single person (no matter what we’ve done), he put an end to anything in this world having power over us.

When Jesus rose on the the 3rd day, it signified the BEGINNING. The beginning of a life where sin has no more control over us. The beginning of living a life of victory. The beginning of a life where we know we are not alone.

For you to enjoy that Easter egg you were given, you had to accept it and open it. In the same way; for you to enjoy that life of victory that was offered to you by Jesus, you need to accept it, live it and enjoy it. Everything that Jesus is offering is good.

“Then on the third at break of dawn, the Son of heaven rose again.
O trampled death where is your sting? The angels roar for Christ the King”

If you know Jesus as your Saviour, may you continue to live a life of victory in Him, because of what He did for us.                                                                                                            If you don’t know Jesus – He knows you. He created you to be a unique, wonderful and loved masterpiece. He is on your side and desires a life of victory for you. When you feel surrounded by problems, know that God surrounds you and He cares so much about you that He gave up His own life, by choice, so that you and I can be victorious in Him.

Have a wonderful Easter, enjoy all those chocolates and, more than anything, know that you are special and loved. HAPPY EASTER





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