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If not now then when?


Procrastination is something that causes great ideas and world-changing innovations to never see the light of day. That great ambition was birthed in you for a reason. You have something to offer the world and you are the only one that can make it happen.

That day you come up with that great idea, you are excited and passionate. Then that little voice in your head starts niggling away at you telling you that you can’t do it. It tells you that it’s a silly idea. It tells you that so many before you have tried it and it either never worked, or its been done before. And then, when you have the guts to share it with people, they question you and your ability to pull it off.

Let me tell you what; when that happens you’re in the perfect position! Wanna know why? Because when your idea is big enough that people doubt whether you can do it, you are thinking BIG. And thinking BIG is the way that world-changers think. When your ideas scare you spitless and they cause others to doubt you, you have come up with something that others aren’t willing to attempt and that is taking you out of your comfort zone. And it’s outside of your comfort zone where great things happen.

I believe that it’s God that plants these seeds off great ideas in us because He knows the potential He has created in each of us and He wants us to attempt things that are too big for us. He wants to be right there, alongside you, making it happen. Want some proof. What better proof than Gideon. He was a farmer from the most insignificant family in the most insignificant tribe. He was given an army of 300 untrained men to fight against a military powerhouse of 130 000 warriors, and to top it off, his “army” never had any weapons. Gideon was given a choice: “Will you do it or not?”

That’s the choice we face today. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. You need to draw that line in the sand or that line with a paintbrush. Make that decision today whether you are going to bow to the pressure of that voice telling you you can’t or whether you are going to believe that what you are going to pursue today is your destiny and nobody is going to stop you from realising it. Remember… “If God is for you…”

And when you have made that decision, persevere! It’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna get bumpy. But remember to look up. That’s where you will get those sock absorbers that will allow you to take on any terrain that lies ahead.



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