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Are we creating a “Mediocre Society”?


So many of us couldn’t give a hoot about the next person. We’re willing to do whatever it takes, and step over whoever’s in the way, to achieve our goals. It’s a dangerous environment because it’s leading to the destruction of something we call community. And a society without community amounts to a bunch of individuals getting caught up in a power struggle.

This has led us to sway too far to the other side. We dare not say or do anything that challenges somebody else because it might offend them.                                                    When you get an A in your exam, it’s better not to say anything to anyone. The guy who failed because he didn’t learn, might feel bad.                                                                                When a few students get awards because they really worked hard during the year, you need to re-evaluate your awards system. Why? Because those students who weren’t interested in working throughout the year, might feel left out.                                                When you select a sports team, you need to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to play. How good they are and how hard they work on their skills don’t matter here. The important thing is that everyone has a turn!                                                                                    And here’s the craziest one of them all; when you are participating in a sports match, there are no winners or losers so no score will be kept. We don’t want those who lose, to feel bad!

What a load of hogwash. Since when do we reward those who do nothing in the same way as those who are working their butts off. All we are doing is creating a society that just shows up. There is no need to do any work. And we are telling those who work hard and give their all that they are wasting their time. So, those who were working hard, end up doing less because they don’t see the point. Those who were doing nothing, continue doing nothing.

I know I am not artistic. I can’t even draw a stickman. I might improve my art by going to some art lessons but it’s never going to be great. That is why I leave the art to those who are good at it. It doesn’t mean that I can’t draw a picture and enter it into an art competition, but I will never expect to get the same reward as an artist because I am rubbish at it and I accept it.                                                                                                                  I am better at sport so I focus on that. I won a few sport awards in my time but there were times when I didn’t, because there were people better than me. That’s life and I had to accept it. I wouldn’t want to receive an award if I knew that I didn’t deserve it anyway. That inspired me to work harder!

Every person is good at something. We have all been created with a special gift. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to find that gift, pursue it and use it to make a difference in the world. Don’t try to force a square gift into a round hole. You were given your gift for a reason. Don’t waste it by trying to live someone else’s. Let’s stop creating a mediocre society by rewarding those who don’t deserve it (because we don’t want to hurt their feelings), while those who really deserve it don’t get recognized for their hard work.

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