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Are you in the right boat?


Sometimes the boat you’re in keeps you safe. And sometimes it can be the most damaging place to be. It might just be time for you to step out of your boat. “Why would I do that?” I hear you say.  Because it’s limiting you from going where you need to go and being who you were created to be.

We feel good in a place that is safe and dry because it’s comfortable. But comfort can be a very dangerous thing. That obsession with safety and comfort can cause us to miss the life that God intended for us – a life of purpose and passion. And to be honest, I will rather miss that boat than miss my purpose.

It takes faith to get out. It is difficult and it doesn’t always make sense, but if you want to do something that really makes a difference, you are going to have to make decisions that are really different. It’s really “different” to get out of the boat, but it might just be what you need to do, so that  you can be who you were meant to be.

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