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Just keep moving…


Sitting on the fence is not an option if you want to make an impact. It’s an easy way to get through life. It means you’re not willing to risk anything, so you sit with others and play it safe. One good thing about sitting on the fence is that you will never be criticized, but you will also never truly be alive.

You might be afraid to spread your wings, to leave the safety of the fence and to fly towards the uncertainty of your purpose. But here’s the thing: “God gave you your purpose, and He will get you to where you need to be, to be the most effective you.” There will be detours and storms and you will need to go through them. It will require faith… and that’s the whole point. When we realise that getting off the fence requires faith in the One who holds our future, we will start to move towards our purpose with purpose, because we know that God is already there.

Have an awesome day!

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