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Grace Wins Every Time!


When you’re feeling weak, there’s Strength if you will only call out. When you’re broken, there is One who will pick up the pieces. When life feels hopeless, know there’s a future waiting for you! When you’ve messed up, understand that there is nothing you could ever do that can take you outside the reach of God’s grace. No mistake is ever too bad and no choice is ever too messed up for God to turn His back on you.

When the prodigal son took his inheritance and walked away from his father without looking back, he deserved to be expelled from ever returning. But that’s not the story I know. That’s not the God I serve. When the son came grovelling back after he showed no concern for his dad, his father told him to get up. He held a party in honour of his son because he returned. His father didn’t focus on how much his son messed up… he focussed on the fact that his son was back where he belonged.

God doesn’t sit around all day, waiting to remind you of all the times you messed up. Quite the contrary. He stands at the door and waits for you to come home.  He chooses to make your mistakes disappear because He doesn’t want anything to spoil the fact that you are home. That’s what’s important to Him.

That’s why, no matter where you are or where you’ve been, Grace always wins when you choose the Author of Life.




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