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“The Challenge”

katya-austin-301667There we go. Three days into 2018. Remember that excitement in our “souls” about how this year would be different and how we would do great things. I bet most of us have just gone back to our old routines and habits because it’s just so much easier to do.

Doing things that count, and living a life that makes a difference, just takes so much effort. Why even bother? Just go back to what you are used to. Go back to your comfort zone!

Hey! Here are the facts.

  • If you keep on doing what you’ve always been doing, the results will never change!
  • If you are too afraid to step out of the boat, you will never feel the exhilaration of walking on water.

Life is about exploring. It’s about pushing the boundaries to see what’s on the other side of the wall that surrounds your comfort zone. Life is about being thankful and showing that thankfulness by how we live. It is about being so blown away by the grace that God has shown us, that we show grace to every single person. It’s about being so excited about the love that Jesus showed us on the cross, that we can’t wait to share that love with others.

We need to stop showing everybody what we don’t stand for, and start showing the world what we do stand for – LOVE! And if you and I don’t start, it’s never going to happen. I dare you! Do this with me… be the spark that starts the flame that sets the world ablaze with love.



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