It’s time!


The worst thing that can happen at the end of each year, is, when looking back, you realise that there was so much more that you wanted to do. There are things that we allow to creep up on us. Those things stop us from doing all that we set out to do.

Procrastination is one of them. The only reason we procrastinate is because we allow ourselves to postpone things. And the longer we postpone, the better chance there is that we will never get it done. It’s sad that some of these things that we allow to fade away along the way, were once dreams that we were passionate about and that would probably have made an impact on the lives of many people.

Complacency is something that 2018 doesn’t need to see in our lives. When life becomes too comfortable, we end up not wanting to do anything that could jeopardise our comfort zone, so we don’t strive for more. We wonder what the point is of trying something that might fail. Because that would mean a lot of effort for nothing. Let me tell you something! Anything that ever made a real difference and anything that ever changed the world in a positive way, involved risk. It also involved failure. If you don’t want to fail, then don’t try anything. But if you don’t try anything, you will never realise any of your dreams or ever become a “history maker!”

The ugliest thing we can ever do is to be indifferent. Indifference is the greatest reason for all the hurt, pain and suffering happening in the world today. We see the plight of people struggling and we just don’t give a damn. We might say we do, but if you and I really did care, we would do more than just express our concern… we would act on it. If we want to make 2018 a great year, we need to bury all indifference so deep, that it will never again come to the surface.

And finally, Doubt! There is a graveyard of dreams out there that have never been realised, and never will, because of people doubting themselves. That dream you have in your heart is meant to be shared with the world. That’s what once burnt with passion in your life. When it was birthed in you, it kept you up at night and woke you up in the morning. You were once excited about the impact it could have and the difference it could make. But then doubt showed up. That voice that shouted: “Who the heck do you think you are?” “There’s no way that can become a reality.”

That’s not what my God says! The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread? He tells me to be strong and courageous and not to tremble or be dismayed, for He is with me wherever I go. So…                                                                                                                                                                           I choose to enter into 2018 with boldness.

I choose to find my confidence in Christ.

I choose to follow my dreams and believe that they can become a reality if I pursue them with passion and boldness and confidence.

My prayer is that you will do the same and that together we will impact the world with the love of Jesus, and when we look back at 2018 on the 31st of December, we won’t have any regrets of things we never did. Happy 2018!



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