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The truth about Christmas!


The build-up to this day is mind-blowing. I sat in a shopping mall in Darwin (yes we do have some of those here) a few days ago. No surprise that it was in a coffee shop, enjoying some java (the coffee shop actually called “Java Blue”). What a treat just to sit and watch people. Not going on my phone, not checking mail or Facebook, not reading the newspaper – just sitting. The place was packed with people.

Mothers with their kids (some so worn out from the shopping that they just couldn’t stay awake), dads with their kids (trying to multi-task and probably losing some of the children in all the rush), just parents (probably looking for their kids), and kids (probably trying to find their way home). All because of Christmas. Or actually, all because of what we made Christmas to become. In Australia, $10 billion was spent on Christmas presents this year. It has become a money-making-I-better-get-something-for-every-person-I-know day. What are we actually doing?

The real point of Christmas is lost somewhere between the 20th present that is bought and me getting uptight because I didn’t get what I wanted.  It’s not about getting anything, it’s about what has already been given to us… Jesus our Saviour. He is worth far more than that drone you thought you were going to get or that necklace you were hoping for. He has given something that will outlast any other present that you could ever receive. ETERNAL LIFE!!! Two words that Christmas is really about. “Eternal” which outlasts any present you can ever receive, and “Life” which is not just existing, but a life of purpose and joy. And all we need to do is recognise this gift.

My prayer for you is that you will put Christmas into perspective and make sure that, next year, you don’t get caught up in the rat-race of “commercialised Christmas” but rather experience the peace and calm that Jesus brings to your life. Have an amazing day with your friends and family as you celebrate the most amazing gift ever – the gift of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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