Time to forget

ForgetWhy do we place such a high value on other people’s opinions of us? Those labels that people stick on us can really be damaging if we hang on to them. I’m not talking about a fun nickname or something positive. When I was in high school, I was called “Soutie” because I was the only English kid in an Afrikaans school. It was pretty cool to stand out in a good way.

But what happens when someone calls you  “useless” or “loser”? If you hear that often enough through your life, you start wondering why you have been given that label. The more you think whether it’s valid, the stickier it becomes, and eventually you allow those negative labels to become super-glue. Your confidence flies out the window and you feel like a nobody.

My boys and I have got a bit of a thing going. When they feel down about what someone said, I tell them that they are awesome. Later on I will ask them, “Are you awesome?” and their answer will be, “yes”! Their answer to my question, “How do you know you are awesome?” is, “Because my dad says so!” But they also know that it is what God says about them. However down we are feeling, we must NEVER forget that our dad in heaven created us to be awesome. What He thinks of us, and says about us, is all that really counts.

As we celebrate Christmas, remember a bit of Jesus’ story. His peers probably had a lot to say to him about the fact that He was conceived out of wedlock and that he was born in a disgusting stable. They must have heard about the big hype people were making about Him and thought that He was arrogant when He called himself the Son of God. But Jesus knew, and will always know, who He is. And He never bases it on what the world says about Him, but on what His Father says.

Don’t be what the world tells you to be, but become what God created you to be!

Have a blessed Christmas and never forget who you are!


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  1. Love it!!!
    Thank you.
    Have a blessed Christmas with your beautiful family.

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